导读:* n-tv is a German free-to-air television news channel owned by the BertelsmannMedias RTL Group. n-tv broadcasts news and weather every hour and half-hour in the morning. It also broadcasts magazine shows and documentaries. n-tv是贝塔斯曼...


n-tvis a German free-to-air television news channel owned by the BertelsmannMedia's RTL Group. n-tv broadcasts news and weather every hour and half-hour in the morning. It also broadcasts magazine shows and documentaries.

n-tv是贝塔斯曼媒体RTL集团旗下的德国电视新闻频道。 n-tv每小时和半小时播放新闻和天气。 它还播放杂志节目和纪录片。是德国一家非常知名的电视台。

On behalf of n-tv, the German Institute for Service Quality has tested four large eye laser companies. Before the surgical correction of ametropia, patients can expect individual, in-depth consultation in a professional environment. Clear test winner of the four eye laser companies: EuroEyes!

德国服务质量研究所代表n-tv对四家大型眼科激光集团进行了测试。 在对屈光不正进行手术矫正之前,患者们可以在专业环境中进行个体化以及深入的咨询。

EuroEyes scored best from the overall evaluation of service and consultation. The competence and empathy of the doctors and employees are particularly convincing. Thus they inform without exception correctly and take themselves in the discussions time for the prospective customers.

德视佳眼科EuroEyes从服务到咨询的整体评估中得分最高。 医生和员工的能力和同理心特别令人信服。他们毫无保留的为患者答疑解惑,并与潜在客户的沟通中从容应对。

According to the study, our employees provide comprehensive information about the procedure as well as the risks and consequences of laser eye treatment. Extensive surveys of the patient's medical history and aptitude tests are carried out and the consultants respond individually to the customer's concerns. In addition, interested parties can obtain information on the surgical experience of the clinics and the doctors treating them.

根据该研究,德视佳的员工为患者提供了有关激光近视手术治疗的全面信息包括手术过程,风险和后果。 并对患者的过往病史和是否适合激光手术进行了全面的检查。同时,也会单独回应患者的顾虑。 此外,感兴趣的患者也可以获得有关诊所和治疗他们医生的手术经验的相关信息。

Jörg and Christine Klingenohr also wanted to do without glasses. Jörg Klingenohr was treated by EuroEyes two years ago and has since been able to see clearly again without visual aids. Now her wife Christine has an examination appointment at the EuroEyes Clinic in Hamburg: "Spend the evening watching TV without glasses, go out without glasses and don't always make sure that the glasses are there. That would be a different quality of life." A wish EuroEyes can fulfill her.

约尔格和克里斯汀也想不戴眼镜。约尔格两年前接受了德视佳眼科的治疗,此后再也无需视觉辅助就可以清楚地看清这个世界。 现在,她的妻子克里斯汀在德国汉堡的德视佳眼科诊所接受了检查:“晚上不用戴眼镜看电视,不用戴眼镜出门,不用担心到底是不是带了眼镜。这种“无镜”的状态,将是一种不同的生活质量。德视佳帮她实现了这个梦想。

Hattrick Award for EuroEyes


n addition to the n-tv seal in the field of service, EuroEyes won three of the most important titles in refractive surgery in 2017. EuroEyes is the German champion in the implementation of ReLEx smile, European champion in the implantation of ICL lenses and world champion in the implantation of trifocal lenses.


Modern eye laser and lens procedures


The EuroEyes Clinic Group is a globally successful company that was founded 25 years ago in Hamburg and is still headquartered there today. In addition to locations throughout Germany, EuroEyes is also represented in China and Denmark. The company offers patients the entire spectrum of refractive surgery for the correction of ametropia. EuroEyes treats over 25,000 patients annually with short-sightedness, farsightedness, corneal curvature, presbyopia or cataracts with state-of-the-art laser eye and lens surgery procedures. The procedures enable the patient to start a life free of glasses and contact without impairing vision and quality of vision. At EuroEyes, patients are cared for by highly specialized and experienced physicians who perform at least 1,000 operations annually on their own. Six EuroEyes doctors have been listed in the FOCUS list of the best German doctors for years.

德视佳眼科是一家非常成功的全球眼科集团,成立于25年前的德国汉堡,现在也依然是它们的总部。 除了遍布德国的地区外,德视佳还在中国和丹麦设有诊所,为患者提供矫正屈光不正的相关手术。 德视佳眼科每年治疗超过25,000名患有近视,远视,散光,老花眼或白内障的患者,采用先进的激光和晶体植入技术。 该技术使患者能够在不损害视力和视力质量的情况下开始没有框架眼镜和隐形眼镜的生活。

在德视佳眼科,患者由非常专业和经验丰富的医生进行诊疗,每年至少1,000例手术。 六位德视佳眼科的医生多年来一直被福克斯杂志列入TOP德国医生的名单。


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